Once upon a time a very clever quilter called Patricia Pepe launched a company called Quilt Queen Designs to market her amazingly clever rotary tool – the X-Block, a nifty tool that trims ordinary quilting blocks into fabulous new designs.

capture  X-Blocks are square acrylic tools designed for rotary cutting and are available in several sizes. X-Blocks projects start with easy to piece strips or blocks that are sewn together first then you place the X-Blocks template on the strips or blocks, match the seams with the designated line (solid, dash, dotted) to the lines of the tool and trim along the edges with a rotary cutter. Voila! You’ve got X-Blocks! It’s that easy!

capture1X-Box Basix work in the same way as X-Blocks but are specifically designed to work with 2 ½” & 1 ½” fabric strips so it’s perfect for  pre-cuts such as JellyRolls™, BaliPops™, Tonga Treats™, Honeybuns™ etc. or you can cut your own strips too. This is a quick and easy way to jump in and try the X-Blocks technique or add X-citing variation to the magic of X-Blocks! We’ve removed the dash and dotted lines so all that’s left is the solid line – so easy – so basic!


Let Patricia herself explain to you how to use this versatile little tool.


Quilt Direct carry a full range of  X-Blocks Rulers and X-Blocks Pattern Books.



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