Did you know that thread should unwind off the spool the same way it was wound onto the spool?  If it doesn’t it becomes twisted and prone to snapping. This is especially true of metallic and specialty threads. This problem of twisitng and snapping was causing Lee Fletcher so much frustration that she set about inventing something to solve the problem – Thread Director!

The Thread Director  is an ingenious little device that changes the position of the spool allowing  thread to unwind flat, thereby  avoiding the dreaded twisting and snapping, making it easy and fun to work with metallic and specialty threads.

The Thread Director simply changes the orientation of the sewing machine’s spool pin so that mettallic and delicate specialty threads are  fed flat into the thread path. SImple to attach and compatible with most sewing machines the Thread Director can hold standard spools, mini spools and min cones.

View this video showing how simple it is to use and then buy your Thread Director from Quilt Direct.

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