ott lightsThe clocks have gone back, and the days are getting gloomier, and it is getting difficult to see the finer details and colour distinctions in your quilting and crafting.
Ott Lite can make all the difference – you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one and your eyes will certainly thank you for it!

Ott Lite craft lamps create a perfect light that gives optimum brightness without any harsh glare. The natural light from an Ott Lite means that colours are easier to see and there is no glare or distortion, avoiding tiredness and eye strain. Over 50 years of research have gone into making Ott Lite the ideal light for quilters and crafters. Ott Lite gives you low energy, low heat LED light bulbs that will last for up to 10,000 hours. Take a look at our range here!

Ott Lite is a white light that avoids the yellow hue created by traditional light bulbs, so you can be 100% sure that you are seeing the true colours and details of your quilting project.

The Science Behind Ott Lite

The scientists at Ottlite have created a visual efficiency by optimizing both photopic (brightness) and scotopic (contrast) lumen output to allow the eye to better perceive light. So, in English, Ottlite gives you a light that helps you see better, gives more clarity and costs less!Look after your eyes!

Ott Lite was developed by Dr John Nash Ott, a former banker with a passion for time-lapse photography. When Dr. Ott was asked by Walt Disney to record a pumpkin’s growth for the famous carriage transformation scene in Cinderella, he started experimenting with the lighting in his greenhouse to optimize the plant’s growth.

All this led to Dr Ott recreating natural light indoors by using the right combination of contrast and brightness. Dr Ott went on to become a pioneer in the field of photobiology.
The science behind Ott Lite Natural Daylight Illumination started with trying to understand how our eyes work. Dr Ott and his team experimented with combinations of light and colour to create the best visual experience – a light that was natural, easy to use and avoided eye strain as far as possible.

By 1989 Dr. Ott had perfected a range of natural light bulbs, and wanted to share them with people who really needed them – people who want to see better in order to carry on doing what they love, and so Ott Lite Technologies was founded!

Ott Lite have also put a lot of thought into the design of their lamps and their range includes features such as articulating shafts, adjustable shades and achromatic coatings. From small portable craft lights to traditional standing lamps, the design of the Ott Lite means that there is an Ott Lite to suit all tastes and all tasks. Ott Lite is not just for quilters, it is great for reading, scrap booking, sewing, puzzles – anything that requires a clear and steady light. The other great feature of our Ott Lites is that they are not expensive, and make a perfect gift. So if there’s a large, jolly white bearded chap in a red suit looking for gift ideas for you, tell him about the Ott Lite.

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