How to make a Pom Pom –the traditional way

After the program on Channel 4 with Kirstie Allsopp discovering Pom Pom makers and selling out overnight we  thought we would remind you how to make Pom Pom’s with out the Clover tool.

1.  Cut two circles slightly larger than the size of your finished Pom Pom from cardboard (cereal packets are ideal).  Then cut a second inner circle. 050
052 053 2.  Place the two circles together and start winding  wool around the templates.  Until the centre is full.  You can change colours of wool to create multi coloured  pom poms.
3.  Carefully cut along the outside edge of the circle to show the two layers of cardboard.  Treat the  pom pom with care at this stage. 054 055
058 060 4.  Wrap a string around the centre of your pom pom between the cardboard templates , pulling the  string tight and tying it well.
5.  One finished  Pom Pom!  Congratulations. 063 062




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