Horn started making sewing furniture about 90 years ago in Germany, and for the past 30 years they have been available to sewers in the UK.

Horn keeps up with sewing and crafting trends and is constantly working towards designing sewing cabinets and table for new innovations. Recent developments have seen an increase in popularity of long arm machines like the Bernina 800 range, and Horn have made cabinets to accommodate these machines.

A Horn sewing cabinet is not only an attractive piece of furniture, it is also a well-designed practical piece of equipment with ample storage space, and also ergonomically designed to make sewing as comfortable as possible.

A Horn cabinet will allow you to rest your arms while you’re sewing, helping to ease your back and neck muscles too. Apart from the comfort, the Horn’s elevating platform at the flatbed position means that the feed of your machine is level with the table of the cabinet, making your fabric slide with ease from table to machine. It also prevents the material from pulling to any one side allowing it to flow through freely and equally.

All Horn sewing furniture is fully assembled and made to last.

All Horn cabinets feature large castors for easy mobility and stability. All Horn products feature solid backs and bases for added stability, and all our fixings are of the highest standard.Quilt Direct are pleased to stock Horn Sewing Furniture. Please have a look at our Horn range:

Horn Sewing Machine Furniture

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