Quilt Direct have just received stock of the fantastic Colonial Thimble Pack Plus. Everything you’ve ever wanted for the ultimate finger protection when hand-sewing.

Colonial Thimble Pack Plus

Thimble Crown – for your pushing finger.  Made of stainless steel with precision-cut dimples for great needle control, the thimble crown can be used on the upper hand or the under hand.  The tested concave design provides better needle control, effortless deflection of the needle, and ability to feel the location of the needle point. It is secured to the finger with reusable adhesive pads.

Thimble Dimple – no more sore under-hand fingers! The Thimble Dimple give you a rim of protection for you under hand. The raised edge prevents needle slips giving you greater needle control for faster stitching. It is made of stainless steel and attaches to your finger with reusable adhesive dots.

Thimble It Pads – to protect sore fingers.  Colonial Needle-Self-Adhesive Reusable Thimble-It Finger Pads are natural feeling self-adhesive finger pads that make any sewing needlework cross stitch or quilting project easier and more comfortable. Simply add one pad per working fingertip and you can enjoy hours of sewing pleasure.

Thimble Pads – for any finger. These Thimble Pads are so comfortable you won’t even notice that they’re there. The leather thimble pad is tough enough to handle the heaviest needlework or crafting projects but comfortable enough to wear all day. Its lightweight construction gives you more control over your needle work so even the finest and most delicate stitching is a pleasure. The pads can be used again and again, and the adhesive backing holds the pads securely in place ensuring no sliding or slipping.

Needle Grip-It2  –  grip and pull pads.  These flexible self-adhesive dots are attached to the needle gripping finger and thumb for easy needle handling. Needle Grip-it pads create traction for better needle control, allowing faster sewing and alleviating the pain commonly associated with tight gripping and repetitive motion.

The Colonial Thimble Pack Plus contains:

  • 1 Thimble Crown
  • 1 Thimble Dimple
  • 12 Thimble Pads
  • 4 Thimble-It pads
  • 12 NeedleGrip-It2 pads
  • 8 Adhesive Pads for the Thimble Crown and the Thimble Dimple
  • A Small Storage case to keep them all safe and in one place

If you do any hand-stitching then you will love this versatile and easy to use thimble pack. Buy one from Quilt Direct now.

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