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By Charlie

We loved the idea of using the new Emoji’s die by Accuquilt and enlisted the boys to get creative. Starting with an ‘Emoji’ yellow and black cotton as well as a small palette of colours (all backed with Steam a Seam2 lite) the boys imagination was unleashed, the Accuquilt Go! is so easy to use, we were able to leave them to be creative, in no time we had lots of fun designs to use.

The boys decided they would like to make draw string kit bags with them as they wanted to show their creations off to their friends. just look at the results!

Steam a Seam2 Lite is perfect for projects like this as once the backing paper is removed you are left with a slightly tack surface allowing you to place and reposition the components and no fear of shifting. After cutting backing fabric to the correct size they positioned their Emoji’s and steamed them into position.

Note. For gum free needles; Make sure that Steam a Seam 2 Lite is seamed for 20 seconds. I found that a child’s 20 seconds is different to my 20 seconds!

To be sure that our designs would not pucker while being stitched to the backing fabric we used a Stitch N Tear Stabiliser, then used zig zag stitch in black or invisible thread around the edges of the appliqué shapes.

Below see our finished kit bags, the boys are very proud !

Products we used for the project:

Accuquilt Go! Fabric Cutter

Accuquilt Go! Cutting Mat 6″ x 12″

Accuquilt GO! Emojis

Steam a Seam2 Lite

Vilene Stitch N Tear Stabiliser

YLI Invisible Thread

Bernina Artlink V7 FREE Download

Bernina have given us a link to download the basic version of the Bernina Artlink Embroidery Software. This allows easy re-sizing and re-colouring of designs and is specifically used to reformat and download designs from your PC to your Bernina embroidery machines.

Artlink has an improved user interface and is compatible with most brands – not just Bernina.



bernina7 - 2



Download Bernina Artlink Free Software

If you need more than the free version has to offer, then you might consider buying the latest full Bernina Designer Plus Version Software from QuiltDirect.


Keep an eye on Quilt Direct for special offers and new products


Ever wanted to make your own Christmas decorations, but not been confident enough? Well, Quilt Direct can help.

These fabulous Christmas ornament kits mean even the most timid sewers can create a little bit of hand-made Christmas magic.

Rachel Pellman designs and produces exquisite kits that include all the fabrics, embellishments, floss, precise patterns and illustrated instructions. These kits are easy to use, for quilting experts and novices alike, and they also make great gifts!

Quilt Direct has the following kits in stock:

Warm Hands

Rachels of Greenfield Warm Hands Kit from Quilt Direct

These warm woolly mittens keep hearts happy on cold wintry days.  Make them for the tree, or fill them (they are perfectly sized for gift cards or other treasures) and give them as special gifts to family and friends.  Design motifs include a spicy gingerbread, star-shaped snowman, holly with berries, a jolly Santa, star-topped tree, and an ice skate.  Red and green cuffs with embroidery embellishment add charm.  Each mitten is approximately 4” x 4 1/2”. Kit includes felt, embroidery floss, gold string plus precise patterns and illustrated instructions to make 6 mittens.  Colours are sandstone, red, green, gold, brown, and white.

Mittens Kit

Rachels of Greenfield Mittens Kit from Quilt Direct

A collection of six mittens, each with a lovely embroidered design to celebrate the holidays! Mittens open at the top and can be filled with candy canes, money, or tiny treasures. Design motifs include a plump snowman, jaunty Santa, stately pine tree, pine cone, holly sprig, and delicate snowflake. Suitable for trimming the tree, decorating packages, and gift giving. Ornaments are approx. 4 1/4″ high. Kit includes felt for front and back of ornaments, embroidery floss, star buttons and beads for embellishment, gold string for hanging, iron-on transfer patterns for embroidery, and complete illustrated instructions. Colours are antique white, red, and green.

Snow Folk Kit

Rachels of Greenfield Snow Folk Kit from Quilt Direct

A whole family of Snow Folk, each dressed in their holiday finest! Even the dog and cat are included in this collection of six easily constructed felt ornaments. Each one wears a backpack for carrying candy canes, money gifts, or tiny Christmas treasures. Suitable for trimming the tree, decorating packages, and gift giving. Ornaments range from 2 1/2″ to 4″ high. Kit includes felt, embroidery floss, buttons for eyes, and gold string for hanging plus precise patterns and complete illustrated instructions. Colours are antique white, barnyard red, navy, denim, green, brown, stone, and gold.

Christmas Woollens Kit

Rachel's of Greenfields Christmas Woollens from Quilt Direct

A charming collection of warm woollen mittens and stockings to celebrate the Christmas season. Easily constructed, these charming ornaments are suitable for trimming the tree or decorating packages. Tiny surprises can be tucked inside each one. Designs include Santa, snowman, cat, sheep, holly and a Christmas Tree. Kit includes felt, embroidery floss and gold string plus precise patterns and complete instructions to make 3 stockings and 3 mittens. Colours are cobblestone, red, green, black, white, and gold.

Gift Bag Ornaments Kit

Rachels of Greenfield Gift Bag Ornament Kit from Quilt DIrect

Gift giving has never been easier! Delightful ornament bags are just the right size for gift cards or other treasures of your choice. Each envelope-style ornament bag has a different decoration on the front and fastens on the back with an old-fashioned figure-eight closure. Design motifs are a snowman, Santa, sheep, tree, pair of mittens, and a kitten in a stocking. Completely charming! Finished size of bags is approximately 3″ x 4″. Kit includes felt, embroidery floss, and gold string plus precise patterns and complete instructions to make 6 gift bags. Colours are cobblestone, red, green, white, gold, and blue.

These kits are all available from Quilt Direct. Quilt Direct also stock Rachel Pellman Quilt Kits which make great Christmas gifts for quilters.

If you’re looking for a gift for the quilter in your life, have a look at our Gingher Scissors Collection

One of our fab customers, Lesley, has made this great tumbler bag.

tumbler bag 1

This is what she said when she shared the video she followed to make this bag – “…I used a layer cake with my 3 ½“ tumbler, so I cut the layer cake in half and placed it on the die covering two and half tumblers and then the other piece of fabric on the other end, so that I had half tumblers to place on the ends to straighten the edge without cutting a tumbler in half.  I do like to save fabric where possible.”

Here is the video she followed if you’d like to make one of these great looking bags.

Bored with the knitted Christmas jumper? Why not applique a sweatshirt for your nearest and dearest this Christmas?

Country Appliques have a range of whimsical Christmas applique patterns to brighten up your family festivities.

Make a wallhanging, or quilt for a child or even a pet? What about appliquing a Christmas cushion for that dear aunt who is almost always impossible to shop for!

Put the whole family in matching sweatshirts for Christmas Day – you could even frame the little ones for future Christmases.

Make a Christmas centrepiece, the “Old English Santa Doll” – a perfect gift, or keep it as a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations.


Quilt Direct Country Applique Christmas Patterns:




Old English Santa Doll – A free-standing Father Christmas sculpture












Winter Folk – Two lovely snowmen, who can be used together in a winter scene or individually on cushions or jumpers.













Santa and Child – a traditional Father Christmas holding a child for a tranquil Christmas picture.












Winter Folk Family – Daddy, Mummy and baby snowmen. Again these can be appliqued individually or as a group in a snowy, festive scene.











Snow Friends – another gorgeous group of snowmen for a variety of projects










All of these Country Applique CHristmas patterns can be orderd from our website

How to make a Pom Pom –the traditional way

After the program on Channel 4 with Kirstie Allsopp discovering Pom Pom makers and selling out overnight we  thought we would remind you how to make Pom Pom’s with out the Clover tool.

1.  Cut two circles slightly larger than the size of your finished Pom Pom from cardboard (cereal packets are ideal).  Then cut a second inner circle. 050
052 053 2.  Place the two circles together and start winding  wool around the templates.  Until the centre is full.  You can change colours of wool to create multi coloured  pom poms.
3.  Carefully cut along the outside edge of the circle to show the two layers of cardboard.  Treat the  pom pom with care at this stage. 054 055
058 060 4.  Wrap a string around the centre of your pom pom between the cardboard templates , pulling the  string tight and tying it well.
5.  One finished  Pom Pom!  Congratulations. 063 062




Tohoku Grannies

Tohoku Grannies

In March 2011 in tsunami ravaged Japan, Japanese born Swiss Designer Kazu Huggler wanted to do something to help the people of Rikuzen Tata rebuild their lives.

Born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and a Swiss father, Kazu was raised in both Japan and Switzerland. Kazu’s designs, although inspired by her Japanese background – she uses kimono patterns and ancient printmaking – are all geared for the global marketplace and made in Switzerland.

Enlisting the assistance of Bernina International, Kazu founded the Three Cranes Association, and encouraged the groups to start sewing projects.

One of the groups Three Cranes supports is the Tohoku Grandmas, a group of women from the fishing community, who, by their own admission “are not used to such delicate work”

Example of pin cushions

Example of pin cushions

Using sewing machines donated by Bernina, Kazu encouraged this group of approximately 14 women, who were living in temporary accommodation, to take their sewing one step further.  Teaching these women to use these sophisticated machines allowed them to create simple and attractive objects using local textiles, as well as unique KAZU prints.

In the few short months since then, the Tohoku Grandmas have made a hugely successful name for themselves. They have taken hundreds of orders for their charming creations. These include delicate textile-filled porcelain sake cups that serve as pincushions, and a range of artistic tote bags. Practical yet beautiful items, they are a poignant symbol of hope following disaster.

The Three Cranes Association is about work, not charity. They believe that helping people in distress lies in rebuilding communities and infrastructures. Guided by the three fundamental values of endurance, longevity and prosperity, they aim to provide rich, ongoing support in the realms of fashion, textiles and art.


While the main focus is on rebuilding the community, and providing the Tohoku Grandmas with purpose and hope, Three Cranes is also hoping to bridge the gap between European and Japanese cultures.

Quilt Direct are lucky enough to have a small quantity of these adorable pincushions available for sale on our website. Help the Tohoku Grandmas rebuild their community by buying one now.




Quilting not cutting.

"My first quilt made using the Acuquilt 6 1/2 inch die. Accurate cutting means accurate piecing!"

“My first quilt made using the Acuquilt 6 1/2 inch die. Accurate cutting means accurate piecing!”


The AccuQuilt GO and Go Baby can change your quilting life forever!


A bold and dramatic claim but pretty valid. Using an AccuQuilt fabric cutter can cut (cut – get it?) over 45 minutes off your quilting time. This means heaps more time for the exciting stuff – choosing fabric, planning the project, choosing fabric, discussing the project, and choosing fabric!


The smoother rolling action of the Accuquilt will especially benefit those quilters that have a hard time with manual methods due to sore joints or muscles.


But don’t take our word for it – have a look at some of the projects completed by Val Wass, a quilter who recently bought an Accuquilt Go from us.



Keep it up Val, we’re inspired by you

"What a wonderful machine this is. I have immediately noticed that shapes are cut SO accurately, making piecing so much easier, accurate and quicker. I struggled to get accurate cuts with a ruler and rotary cutter. I no longer suffer with back ache and it is so so much quicker."

“What a wonderful machine this is. I have immediately noticed that shapes are cut SO accurately, making piecing so much easier, accurate and quicker. I struggled to get accurate cuts with a ruler and rotary cutter. I no longer suffer with back ache and it is so so much quicker.”

"I made my first appliqué cushion using the Sunbonnet Sue die. It cut the shapes so cleanly and gave me confidence to machine the appliqué in place."

“I made my first appliqué cushion using the Sunbonnet Sue die. It cut the shapes so cleanly and gave me confidence to machine the appliqué in place.”

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