Bernina Foot 16V Gathering 5mmThe Bernina Presser Foot 16 is  used for gathering and ruffling fabric.  The gathering is produced because the sole doesn’t rest evenly on the feed-dog causing uneven fabric feed. This allows one piece of fabric to be gathered while it is being attached to another layer of fabric, meaning a ruffle can be made and attached in one single operation. The amount of gathering is easily adjusted by varying stitch length and needle thread tension. For heavier fabrics, use long stitch or basting stitch for gathering. The distance between rows of gathering can range from a minimum of 3/16″ (5mm) to a maximum of 3/8″ (10mm).


Buy a Bernina Presser Foot 16 for gathering from Quilt Direct

The BERNINA 350 Cotton and Steel Special Edition machines, added to the BERNINA 3 Series line, are not just beautiful on the outside, but all BERNINA on the inside!

Choose from the two gorgeous faceplates ‘Hello Lovely and ‘I Love Sewing’

Bernina 350 Cotton and Steel Special Edition

Bernina 350 ‘Hello Lovely’


Bernina 350 Cotton and Steel Special Edition

Bernina 350 ‘I Love Sewing’



BERNINA Free Hand System offers an amazing range of functions for sewers and quilters. Even beginners will find it easy to use, and the Free Hand System (FHS), allows you to leave your hands on your project while you raise the presser foot and lower the feed-dog, allowing you more control over your fabric.

The BERNINA 350 SE has 191 pre-programmed stitches; 18 utility stitches, two buttonhole stitches, a full 63 decorative stitches, and 11 quilting stitches, makes this machine perfect for quilting, creating and everyday sewing.

  • High-precision automatic buttonhole function
  • Memory function with 30 storage locations
  • Free-arm Extension table for larger work area
  • Full shank BERNINA presser feet


Order your Bernina 350 Cotton and Steel Special Edition and Quilt Direct will give you:

  • A Free Foot – Choose the 24V foot or the 29C foot

The Bernina 24V Foot is a favourite with machine embroiderers and quilters as it has an open toe for better visibility

The Bernina 29C Foot has a CLEAR sole, for improved visibility when freehand quilting

  • £25 Gift Voucher for you to spend as you wish

Order before 11 June and we’ll take £50 off the usual price

Bernina 350 Cotton and Steel Special Edition Offer!


Quilt Direct have limited stock of two new fabulous ruler kits from Bernina.

These kits, each featuring 5 rulers selected by Bernina will set you on the Ruler Quilting learning curve and beyond. These specialised quilting rulers help to create accurate, repeatable designs.

Bernina Quilting Ruler Kit

5 Rulers selected by Bernina to set you on the Ruler Quilting learning curve and beyond.
Nested Mini Ovals ½” x 1″ to 2″ x 4″
Nested Mini Circles 1″ to 4″
Squiggle & Wave 1¾” x 5/8″ Squiggle & 5″ x 3¾” Wave
Mini Straight Line 10¾” x 2½”
Mini 4 in 1 4¼” x 6¼”

¼” thick acrylic for use with ruler foot 72V or 96V

Buy Bernina Quilting Ruler Kit Set 1


Bernina Quilting Ruler Kit Set5 Rulers selected by Bernina to set you on the Ruler Quilting learning curve and beyond.

Nested Ovals ½” x 1″ to 2″ x 4″
Nested Circles 1″ to 4″
S- Shape
Starter Rule
Mini 4 in 1 4¼” x 6¼”

¼” thick acrylic for use with ruler foot 72V or 96V

Buy Bernina Quilting Ruler Kit Set 2


At last the much anticipated presser foot for ruler quilting on Bernina sewing machines.

No longer only available to Long Arm Quilting Machines, the new Ruler Foot 72 can be used on any of the ‘New Style’ Bernina Machines.

Key features of the new Bernina #72 Ruler Foot are:

Height adjustable for different fabric depths and no ‘hopper’ effect

Excellent view of needle at the point where it pierces the fabric with several useful markings to align with the ruler

Robust construction for support of the rulers
A special spring to prevent damage to the needlebar

For use with ¼” deep rulers

Compatible with all new style BERNINA models from the 125 up to and including the 880

* Use with a straight stitch needleplate (recommended)


Buy a Bernina Ruler Foot 72 from Quilt Direct

Bernina Embroidery Foot 6V VideoBernina Embroidery Foot 6V is suitable for any satin stitching and can be used for decorative stitch patterns, satin stitching, appliqué, couching perle yarn, sewing off-the-edge scallops, and embroidery. The wide indentation on the sole ensures that the foot glides over thicker and wider stitch formations smoothly. The small hole in the centre of the foot acts as a guide for couching a narrow cord and the famous ‘off the edge scallop’.


Buy a Bernina Embroidery Foot 6V from Quilt Direct

BERNINA Presser Foot 35 Invisible Zip VideoThe BERNINA zipper foot no. 35, lets you sew in invisible zippers. Concealed zippers are especially in demand where aesthetics are important, e.g. for elegant dress designs and accessories. With the high-quality BERNINA zipper foot no. 35 the sophisticated technology is straightforward and easy to use accurately. Watch this video to find out how to get the perfect result in minutes — thanks to the simple, intuitive controls on your sewing machine and the top-grade workmanship of our presser feet. This foot lets you insert invisible zips correctly.


Buy a Bernina Presser Foot 35V Invisible Zip from Quilt Direct

Bernina Foot 7V Tailor TackThe high ridge in the centre of the foot causes loops to form when using zig zag. This creates tailor’s tacks, but this foot is also useful for faggoting and fringing.
Tailor’s tacks can be used for  marking seam lines and darts. The loops can also be used for embellishing, imitation hemstitch (fagotting), fringe, 3D effects, toweling embroidery and chenille appliqué. The stitches are formed over the ridge in the foot center, thus producing loops. Tailor tack foot no. 7 is only suitable for zigzag stitch set to 2-5mm stitch width.


Buy a Bernina Presser Foot Tailor Tack Foot No 7V from Quilt Direct



Quilt Direct recently posted an article about a BERNINA KL116 and a KL114 that are currently being fully refurbished by our service engineer.

This got us wondering about the history of BERNINA, and we were fortunate enough to come across a great timeline on the BERNINA website, that we’ve summarised below.

The History of BERNINA Sewing Machines


BERNINA was founded in 1893 in Steckborn, Switzerland, and is named after Piz Bernina, the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps. The founder, Karl Friedrich Gegauf invented the world’s first hemstitch sewing machine.

By 1900, more than 70 people were employed, and the hemstitch sewing machine was being sold abroad.

In 1928, the sons of the original founder took over the business, and the inventions of Fritz Gegauf still influence sewing machine technology today

In 1932 the first household machines were produced, and the fact that we have two of these early machines in full working order is testament to their quality.

1938 saw the introduction of the zigzag

In 1945 the free-arm zigzag arrived, and by 1963 BERNINA had produced one million of these machines.

The next big innovation was in 1954 when BERNINA introduced the first machine with a patented clip-on presser foot and a semi-automatic buttonhole sewing function.

In 1963, with Fritz Gegauf’s daughter, Odette Ueltschi in charge, BERNINA introduce the first machine with a patented, knee-activated presser foot lifter. This Free Hand System (FHS) is still an important feature of almost every BERNINA.

By 1971 BERNINA had created a sewing machine with electric foot control, and the BERNINA 830 became BERNINA’s best seller for eleven years.

1986 saw the introduction of computers to sewing machine technology, and in the mid-80s BERNINA produced the 1130, the first computerized sewing machine with fully automatic one-step buttonholing and stitch pattern memory.

By the late 1980s BERNINA had established itself as a firm favourite amongst quilters in the US, and the Bernette range is introduced.

By the 1990s computer technology had transformed sewing machines, and BERNINA’s 1630 model featured over 400 stitch patterns. 1998 saw the first true sewing computer – the Artista 180.

The 21st century saw new innovations come thick and fast – things that no-one had even imagined just a few years earlier were now a reality, easily accessible by domestic sewers.  The Activa 145 had software for customized settings, and scanned images could be converted into embroidery patterns.

In 2002 BERNINA introduced the world’s first sewing computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system. This machine also featured a CD-ROM drive, LCD display and memory functions for stitch combinations and embroidery designs.

Advances in innovation and technology see the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) for uniform stitch lengths in free-motion stitching. This technology earns BERNINA the “Best Innovator” award from A.T. Kearney in 2004, and sees Aurora 440 QE become the quilters’ choice.

Features such as utility and decorative stitch programs, built-in embroidery software, and even a touchscreen indicate the speed of technological advancement.

In 2009 the BERNINA 830 was born, with so many new innovations that 15 new patent applications were filed.

In 2011 a new logo was introduced, and along with it the 5 Series (BERNINA 530, 550 QE and 580).

2012 heralded the arrival of the 7 series, and the BERNINA 9 Hook (B 9 Hook).  This was also the year that the BERNINA DesignWorks Software Suite was introduced.

In 2013 the BERNINA Embroidery Software 7 and the BERNINA 880 were unveiled, and in 2014, the first multi-needle Embroidery machine, the BERNINA E 16.

BERNINA are constantly working towards new ideas and innovatons and we’re expecting many more advances in sewing machines in the future.


This is just a brief summary of their history from the BERNINA website,  and the full story can be found here. BERNINA have also established themselves as leading manufactures of overlockers, and of course, design software.

If you are interested in owning a BERNINA, or need upgrades, accessories, help or advice, then please contact QuiltDirect. We stock a full range of BERNINA machines and accessories


Vintage Bernina KL116

Vintage Bernina KL116

Quilt Direct, UK Platinum dealer for Bernina Sewing Machines, is celebrating the acquisition of a beautiful Vintage Bernina KL116, shown above. This machine was manufactured about 1934 is still in full working order and very rare, it still has its original light and bobbin winder!

Vintage Bernina KL114

Vintage Bernina KL114

A wonderful companion to the earlier KL114 our Service Engineer is currently fully refurbishing.  Here at Quilt Direct we are wondering if anyone else has an even earlier Bernina sewing machine?  

Celebrating all things vintage with a special offer for our customers: 

15% off our full range of pre-cut fabrics, for orders placed by midnight Sunday 19th June.  You will be all set to start creating your own vintage or a more contemporary quilt.

Chloe’s Closet gives us 30s Playtime, and these are included in our special offer:

If “vintage is the new modern” and “everything old is new”, Chloe has the hippest closet in the neighbourhood. Whether these classic 30’s Reproduction prints are mixed with a single solid colour for a timeless vintage look, or mixed with the popular “low volume” prints of modern quilting, the clear colours and whimsical prints of this collection will keep you playing all day.

Bernina Foot 69V 4mm Roll & Shell HemmerThe Bernina Presser Foot 69 4mm Roll & Shell Hemmer  is a narrow hem that allows you to make a roll and shell hem 3-5mm wide, depending on the weight and texture of the fabric
On soft fabrics, this foot produces a shell effect. It is recommended for soft, light to medium weight fabrics.

Bernina Presser Foot 69  is one of the BERNINA hemmer feet no. 61-69 that makes hemming simple, even for beginners.


Buy a Bernina Presser Foot 69V from Quilt Direct


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