Bernina Braiding Presser Foot 21Bernina Braiding Presser Foot 21 and 21V are designed for couching braids and thicker yarn, also perfect for narrow ribbons and multiple strands of thin cords or yarns. The 21 or 21V can also be used to produce raised or padded satin stitch as well as passementerie, trimming, elastics and corded appliqué. The beveled cut-out accommodates cords of up to 3mm thickness.


This is our Bernina  Foot of the Month for May 2016 (get 20% off)

Foot BF21 is for older style machines 607 to 1630 including the current 1008S
Foot 21V is for all new models 125-145, 140-200, 220-240, 330- 380, 430-730, 710-790, 820-880

Buy a Bernina Braiding Presser Foot 21V

Buy a Bernina Braiding Presser Foot BF21

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