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From now until the end of May 2018 the Bernina 770QE is available from Quilt Direct for only £2,995 saving £200.


  •  The BERNINA Hook – a centrally placed driver which allows the BERNINA Hook to run fast and quiet.  The BERNINA Hook can sew high-precision stitches up to 9 mm at speeds up to 1,000 stitches per minute, and the bobbin holds up to 70% more thread.
  • Extended Freearm  – a meticulously engineered extended freearm with 10 inches of space to the right of the needle providing plenty of space for large, beautiful sewing and quilting projects.
  • BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension – electronically adjusts to the selected stitch width, length, speed, and needle position on each penetration of the needle into the fabric. The result is the finest stitching without pressing a button.
  • BERNINA Patchwork foot 97D – with movable guide rail it provides extra reliability for when joining together the patchwork pieces. When used in conjunction with the straight stitch needle place, it enables you to achieve a perfect stitch result.
  • BERNINA Dual Feed – tames hard-to-manage fabrics providing superb fabric feed and optimum visibility while sewing. Easy to engage when needed, the BERNINA Dual Feed tucks completely out of the way when it’s not.
  • The BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) –  assists with free-motion sewing and quilting with a straight or zigzag stitch, ensuring stitches of the exact same length even at variable sewing speeds.
  • Embroidery Unit – simply slot the embroidery unit into the machine and off you go! With 140 Designs and 6 Alphabets you will have plenty of inspiration.
  • Free Tuition – Quilt Direct offer up to 1½ days free tuition in beautiful Devon. There are also free tuition days at the Bernina Tuition Centre in London.


There are some great accessories available with the 770QE

Presser Feet: 7 4 Bobbins
Reverse Pattern Foot 1C (9mm) 1 Pack Asstd Needles
Reverse Pattern Foot 1D (9mm Dual Feed) Height Compensation Tool
Automatic Buttonhole Foot 3A Seam Guide Right
Zipper Foot 4D (Dual Feed) Seam Ripper
Open Toe Embroidery Foot 20C (9mm) Small Screwdriver
Patchwork Foot 97D (Dual Feed) Touch Screen Pen
BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) 42 Angular Torx Tool
Instruction Manual Torx Screw Driver
Instructional Presentation DVD  3 Spool Retainers
Slide-on Table  2 Foam Pads
Free Hand System (Knee Lift) Oil
Soft Cover Lint brush
Accessory Wardrobe Straight Stitch/ Cutwork Needle Plate

All this plus the fantastic 7 year Bernina warranty.

But don’t take our word for it, have a look at this great Bernina video showcasing the BERNINA 770QE.

Sorry, but you’ll have to supply your own kittens!

 Offer available until 31 May 2018 while stocks last


Get rid of the cotton and muslin bits and pieces. Some of you probably even still have an old towelling nappy stashed away! 

The OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth is the only press cloth you will ever need!


The OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth

  • Presses puckers out of embroidered fabrics
  • Prevents embroidery texture from getting crushed
  • Absorbs steam to set a perfectly pressed finish
  • Lasts forever (well, maybe not forever, but for a very long time)
  • Is easy to use, easy to maintain
  • Measures 20 inches square



It is great for quilt blocks – the texture of the press cloth is perfect for accommodating bulky seams!

Have a look at this video of the OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth in action



The Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth can also be used like a traditional press cloth.

Just place project right side up on ironing surface and place press cloth over the top of the project.




Came across this list of great Quilting acronyms the other day. We’re familiar with some of them, but with others, not so much!

Thought we’d share them and raise a smile today!


Hope you enjoyed these as much as you enjoy quilting!

We love it when our clients are happy, and every now and then we get such a lovely letter we just have to share it.

Here’s what Elizabeth G had to say about Rick, the Bernina Doctor.

Dear Katherine,
Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to Rick,   I bought my Bernina Artista 640 [a few years ago],   at the time was not thinking about the embroidery module, sadly , the module was discontinued much to my annoyance   I was not informed of this, so, when I did decide the time was right I was left high and dry, until, my Husband,   browsing through the website for Bernina products  he came across Quilt Direct, this “light bulb” moment discovery was to prove a turning point in my life,    not only ,  with your knowledge and help did I get a module that would work on my 640, but, the amazing Rick  came into my life ,  well not only my life but also my 640 !!  I had never really got the high definition sewing results I had expected,  until, having spoken with Rick on the telephone, here I must also point out Rick spent an inordinate amount of his time on the phone explaining how I could improve the working of my machine, which I had been constantly returning to the shop for correction and maintenance which was like putting a sticking plaster over a gaping wound !!  at this point my Husband and I decided to make the nearly 400 mile round trip to see you and allow Rick to do a proper and I emphasise, a proper service,   needless to say after Rick had worked his magic proving his knowledge of Bernina machines second to none I was given back a machine working  better than it had ever done even from day one of purchase,    I cannot praise Rick highly enough I call him my hero as the overriding joy I get from my sewing and embroidery has enhanced my life a hundred fold, as an 80 year old and a sewer from the age of 12 I have had a number of sewing machines but, never ,  has sewing given one more delight than my Bernina 640 and that is all up to Rick to whom I shall be eternally grateful ..  no one else will be trusted with the maintenance work it will always be sent to Rick I just cannot praise him highly enough … needless to say, my Bernina 700 will also be under the sole protection of Rick. I would highly recommend his expertise and workmanship to anyone wishing to prolong and receive the high definition of work from their machine to none other than RICK …  my thanks to you both for all you have done for me over the last two years proving no matter what age you are, given the best machine and best mechanic you will have endless hours of pleasure

Yours most sincerely

Elizabeth G

Well, that made Rick blush! Rick and everyone at Quilt Direct are privileged to be a part of this happy story, and we hope Elizabeth has many, many more years of happy sewing.

If you want to find out a bit more about getting a bit of Rick magic into your Bernina, send us a quick email.     



Do you have a quilter in your life?

Here are a couple of useful ideas for Christmas gifts ( if you are the quilter in someone’s life, just leave this page open where it can be seen!)

If you’re still stuck for ideas there’s always a nice new top of the range Bernina Machine,

or maybe just a fabulous Quilt Direct gift voucher

We hope we’ve made Christmas shopping a tiny, little bit easier for you!

Roc-Lon have been creating superior muslins since 1832, and Quilt Direct are really pleased to be stocking a selection of these fine American muslins. The softness and thread counts of these muslins is perfect for hand or machine quilting. The quality is excellent and can be used for whole cloth quilting and or piecing.

American Muslins from Roc-Lon

 Roc-Lon Natural Super Muslin

44/45” and ideal for those projects that require a little extra weight such as bags or baskets. 100% Cotton, Permanent Press Finish. Unbleached, Preshrunk with (2-3% Residual Shrinkage). Thread Count 92×76*

Roc-Lon Tea- Dyed Muslin

44/45” this muslin is great for Antique Quilts or Period Costumes. 100% Cotton, Permanent Press Finish. Tea-dyed Preshrunk with (2-3% Residual Shrinkage). Thread Count 92×76*

Roc-Lon Unbleached Muslin 118″

Available in three widths – 118″, 108″, 90″.  Unbleached muslin is the perfect choice for backing quilts with no seams to deal with. 100% Cotton, Permanent Press Finish. Unbleached Preshrunk with (3-5% Residual Shrinkage). Thread Count 68×68

Roc-Lon Osnaburg

44″ Osnaburg is just what you need for creating projects with a Vintage, Homespun or Natural Look. 100% Cotton, Permanent Press Finish. Preshrunk with 3-5% Residual Shrinkage. Thread Count 40×32

Roc-Lon Ava-lon Muslin

90″ A Superior Muslin soft and smooth for quilts, piecing, appliqué backgrounds as well as home furnishings. 100% Cotton Permanent Press. Thread Count 200 x 200

Roc-Lon Ava-lon Bleached Muslin

90″ A Superior Bleached Muslin soft and smooth for quilts, piecing, appliqué backgrounds as well as home furnishings. 100% Cotton Permanent Press. Thread Count 200 x 200

Buy American Muslins from Roc-Lon at Quilt Direct



The Accents in Design Fine Line Ruler is designed for all types of quilters, quilting machines and right or left handed quilters.

The ruler base is 1/4″ (.236 thick acrylic) thickness and 2-1/2″ wide. By transferring the ability to control the ruler with your fingers using the finger grips, you will ease tension in your shoulders while quilting — the placement of your fingers on the ruler is a natural position for your hand and your arm.

When using traditional rulers and templates with a longarm or frame system, keeping your ruler or template in place puts pressure on the base of the ruler or template. This will sandwich your quilt top under the ruler and puts pressure on the ruler base on the underside of your quilt. This method can create inconsistent stitches because your machine isn’t able to glide as freely across the top of your quilt with the added pressure.

Traditional rulers and templates cannot be utilized by the sit-down machine quilter — the design of the Accents in Design Fine Line Ruler has changed that! It offers excellent control. Using the Fine Line Quilter’s Ruler on a home sewing machine system, you never have to break your thread, raise your feed dogs, or change to your walking foot to achieve straight line designs. You can easily outline a block with “stitch in the ditch”, or outline your patterns within your block and continue on in “free-motion” without ever breaking your threads.

Sit-down machine quilters can outline a Mariner’s Compass motif without turning their quilt. Don’t pivot your quilts to change stitching directions, change the angle of your ruler and complete vertical, horizontal and diagonal design elements.


  • Thick crystal clear cast acrylic base for durability and an unobstructed view of your pattern and material.
  • Resistance strip on the underside of the ruler base keeps your ruler in place while quilting.
  • Laser scoring on the underside for design width accuracy. Incremental scoring (from needle down) edge of ruler base to edge of hopping foot = 1/4″, first scoring from ruler edge = 1/2″, second scoring from ruler edge = 1″ of width for your designs.
  • Incremental scoring is the same on both sides of the ruler base. No matter which hand or direction your ruler is placed, the incremental scoring is the same.
  • Finger grips: Promote a natural hand position on the ruler. Keeps you in control of your ruler at all times. Allows you to manipulate the ruler, even a tiny bit, to keep you stitching where you need to be. With the finger grips you can have light resistance or strong resistance on your quilt top. The control is where it needs to be.

Buy Accents in Design Fine Line Ruler from Quilt Direct



Always buy the best cutting mat you can afford – Quilt Direct stock a range of cutting mats (give us a call if you need some advice).

Cutting Mat Cleaner

Invest in a cutting mat cleaner- it’s worth it. A cutting mat cleaner will prolong the life of your cutting mat by removing embedded fibres and lint. It is simple to use – just brush the cleaner across the cutting mat and any fibres will be pulled out of the crevasses. Clean the cutting mat cleaner under cold water and reuse.

Cutting Mat Cleaner


Some useful tips on caring for your cutting mat

  • Store it lying flat. – don’t roll it or store it on its edge
  • Don’t use it for anything but cutting – it is not a coaster!
  • Don’t leave it in direct sunlight or stored too close to radiators etc
  • Moisturize your mat every now and again by soaking it for about 20 minutes in a bath of cool water mixed with ¼ cup of white vinegar to every gallon of water.  Rinse and dry – but no heat or direct sunlight! This is particularly useful for mats that might be a little smelly
  • Avoid repeated cutting lines by cutting on different sections of the mat. Repeatedly cutting on measured lines could create grooves and end up slicing right through your mat

In honour of their 10th birthday, Aurifil have produced this fabulous brochure “All About Aurifil”.

All About AurifilView the Brochure

It contains some useful information relating to Aurifil products, all easy to read and accompanied by some gorgeous images.

Aurifil is 100% Egyptian Cotton, grown on the banks of the Nile in Egypt.  The cotton is then transported to Milan, where it is made into thread. Aurifil offer six different weights of cotton, as well as a wool/acrylic blend, polyester and monofilament.

The brochure gives details of all the Aurifil threads:

  • 12wt – this is the heaviest weight thread, perfect for embroidery and quilting
  • 28wt – the second heaviest, used for double strand cross stitch, blanket stitch, quilting and machine lace
  • 40wt – slightly thicker weight makes it perfect for use with sewing bags, toys or dolls
  • 50wt – for piecing, subtle quilting & top stitching, and English paper piecing. The slightly thinner weight creates more accurate and flatter seams
  • 80wt –  the newest member of the Aurifil family. Perfect for a variety of techniques, including English Paper Piecing, Hand Applique and Machine Embroidery
  • Wool – 12wt thread in a lovely, soft blend of 50% acrylic and 50% wool. Use this thread when you want to create texture or visually pleasing details
  • Floss – A brilliant six-strand divisible thread that may be used as purchased, or one or more strands may be separated to create thread of various thicknesses. Cross-stitch, Huck embroidery and Miniature punch-needle embroidery
  • Polyester Thread –  a 40wt high-sheen premium trilobal polyester thread, This thread gives absolutely no lint and no issue with thread breaking. It is perfect for Long-arm Quilters.

Buy Aurifil Threads from Quilt Direct



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