We’re quite excited about the new range of Aurifil 80wt threads that we’ve got in stock. Much finer than 50wt, but with the usual Aurifil high standards, this 100% cotton thread is perfect for  machine quilting, English paper piecing, hand appliqué, minature quilts and as a bobbin thread!

Thinner than the 50wt,  the Aurifil 80wt is wonderful for hand applique as the thread just disappears into the fabric.

Aurifil 80wt is available in 88 colours and the cherry wood spools make them really attractive.

We love it, and the feedback from Aurifil designers who have tested is nothing but positive!

These are some of the comments on the Aurifil website:


“With the super fine Aurifil 80wt, the complexity of the stitches possible in a small area is astounding.”

“Aurifil’s 80wt is so fine it’s like silk.”

“Aurifil’s 80wt is great for hand appliqué!”

“I am beyond excited about your new thread.”

“I do not do a lot of hand sewing or needle-turned appliqué but this would be my go to thread for light-duty sewing projects where you wanted to hide the stitching.“

“The 80wt is really nice for machine appliqué. I have always used 50 weight but the 80 weight gave me a much more hand appliquéd look. I was able to use a smaller needle and that meant smaller needle holes as well!”


Aurifil 80wt thread is available in a great range of 88 delicious colours!

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