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Everybody knows that quilters are very fussy about their scissors. A quilter’s scissors are cherished for years, and lovingly looked after. That’s why a new pair of scissors needs to be something special – and these are! Gingher Scissors are widely recognized as the premier line of cutting implements for home sewing, crafts, needlework and industry. Their quality craftsmen using centuries-old skills to forge scissors and shears from high carbon cutlery steel. These scissors are all hand-finished and hand-tuned to ensure exacting standards and high quality in every pair.

Gingher Scissors from Quilt Direct

Choose from 4” Embroidery scissors, 5” sewing scissors and 8” dressmakers scissors. These scissors are available in different designs, but there is only limited stock of some.
If you’re buying scissors as a Christmas gift – don’t forget the penny!

Giving scissors or knives as a gift is considered bad luck in many parts of the world. No-one is sure where this superstition originated, but it is thought that a knife or pair of scissors as a gift will “cut the friendship” between giver and receiver. Traditionally knives and scissors given as a gift should always have a penny attached, which the recipient promptly gives back to the giver as a “payment” for the knife, thereby preserving their relationship (and fingers).

Buy Gingher Scissors from Quilt Direct

For other Christmas ideas have a look at our Felt Christmas Ornaments

Ever wanted to make your own Christmas decorations, but not been confident enough? Well, Quilt Direct can help.

These fabulous Christmas ornament kits mean even the most timid sewers can create a little bit of hand-made Christmas magic.

Rachel Pellman designs and produces exquisite kits that include all the fabrics, embellishments, floss, precise patterns and illustrated instructions. These kits are easy to use, for quilting experts and novices alike, and they also make great gifts!

Quilt Direct has the following kits in stock:

Warm Hands

Rachels of Greenfield Warm Hands Kit from Quilt Direct

These warm woolly mittens keep hearts happy on cold wintry days.  Make them for the tree, or fill them (they are perfectly sized for gift cards or other treasures) and give them as special gifts to family and friends.  Design motifs include a spicy gingerbread, star-shaped snowman, holly with berries, a jolly Santa, star-topped tree, and an ice skate.  Red and green cuffs with embroidery embellishment add charm.  Each mitten is approximately 4” x 4 1/2”. Kit includes felt, embroidery floss, gold string plus precise patterns and illustrated instructions to make 6 mittens.  Colours are sandstone, red, green, gold, brown, and white.

Mittens Kit

Rachels of Greenfield Mittens Kit from Quilt Direct

A collection of six mittens, each with a lovely embroidered design to celebrate the holidays! Mittens open at the top and can be filled with candy canes, money, or tiny treasures. Design motifs include a plump snowman, jaunty Santa, stately pine tree, pine cone, holly sprig, and delicate snowflake. Suitable for trimming the tree, decorating packages, and gift giving. Ornaments are approx. 4 1/4″ high. Kit includes felt for front and back of ornaments, embroidery floss, star buttons and beads for embellishment, gold string for hanging, iron-on transfer patterns for embroidery, and complete illustrated instructions. Colours are antique white, red, and green.

Snow Folk Kit

Rachels of Greenfield Snow Folk Kit from Quilt Direct

A whole family of Snow Folk, each dressed in their holiday finest! Even the dog and cat are included in this collection of six easily constructed felt ornaments. Each one wears a backpack for carrying candy canes, money gifts, or tiny Christmas treasures. Suitable for trimming the tree, decorating packages, and gift giving. Ornaments range from 2 1/2″ to 4″ high. Kit includes felt, embroidery floss, buttons for eyes, and gold string for hanging plus precise patterns and complete illustrated instructions. Colours are antique white, barnyard red, navy, denim, green, brown, stone, and gold.

Christmas Woollens Kit

Rachel's of Greenfields Christmas Woollens from Quilt Direct

A charming collection of warm woollen mittens and stockings to celebrate the Christmas season. Easily constructed, these charming ornaments are suitable for trimming the tree or decorating packages. Tiny surprises can be tucked inside each one. Designs include Santa, snowman, cat, sheep, holly and a Christmas Tree. Kit includes felt, embroidery floss and gold string plus precise patterns and complete instructions to make 3 stockings and 3 mittens. Colours are cobblestone, red, green, black, white, and gold.

Gift Bag Ornaments Kit

Rachels of Greenfield Gift Bag Ornament Kit from Quilt DIrect

Gift giving has never been easier! Delightful ornament bags are just the right size for gift cards or other treasures of your choice. Each envelope-style ornament bag has a different decoration on the front and fastens on the back with an old-fashioned figure-eight closure. Design motifs are a snowman, Santa, sheep, tree, pair of mittens, and a kitten in a stocking. Completely charming! Finished size of bags is approximately 3″ x 4″. Kit includes felt, embroidery floss, and gold string plus precise patterns and complete instructions to make 6 gift bags. Colours are cobblestone, red, green, white, gold, and blue.

These kits are all available from Quilt Direct. Quilt Direct also stock Rachel Pellman Quilt Kits which make great Christmas gifts for quilters.

If you’re looking for a gift for the quilter in your life, have a look at our Gingher Scissors Collection

Bernina Foot 3V Manual Buttonhole from Quilt DirectUse the Bernina 3V Manual Buttonhole Foot whenever manual buttonholes are indicated such as for extra long or extra small buttonholes, or in difficult areas with uneven thicknesses of fabrics such as narrow collar stands. Use this foot to sew buttonholes with or without gimp. The sole of the foot has two grooves, which allow the fabric to move freely even as thread builds up to form the beads of the buttonhole. The guide between the grooves helps keep the beads of the buttonhole parallel, even when long buttonholes are sewn. The slight indentation in the front of the foot allows the free passage of the thread as the stitching reverses to complete the buttonhole. The center “toe” (prong) in the front of the foot can be used to hook gimp or cord. It is used for corded buttonholes, gathering with cord or sewing shirring elastic. This foot can also be used for whip-and-roll edges in fine fabrics like batiste (Swiss edge).

The buttonhole foot lets you sew individual buttonholes with or without cording and in any desired length. This presser foot is also suitable for gathering, corded or elastic-corded smocking, inserting mini-piping and other decorative applications. The grooves on the sole provide sufficient space to accommodate the sewn beads, enabling smooth forward and reverse feeding when sewing buttonholes.

Buy A Bernina 3V Manual Buttonhole Foot

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